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Bellan Design Ltd is a dynamic in Research and Development Company and manages Production. The company employs engineers that utilize the new technologies. We focus on projects of Hardware, Embedded Systems, Software Application and Mechanical. Our projects are for Medical, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Consumer electronics and Security.

  • Medical Devices
  • Securety
  • Embedded Systems
  • Software Application
  • Hardware Design

Our Services

Reserch & Development

We works as an outsourcing R&D team that provides optimum way for companies to gain the best possible R&D resources at the lowest possible expenditure with cost effective solutions for development projects.


Engineering & Design Services tailored to your company needs. we provide to your company with the best efficiency engineering service that rise your product up to shine.


With our great team of developers we develop Softwares that fit to your work style. Desktop App, mobile, website. Softwares that fulfil all your needs, Management system, Operating system...


With our professionals experts we inspect PCB, engineering schematics, softwares, projects.


We manufacture products and prototype with the highest quality, that you can feel in the first use.

PCB Asemply

Assembling boards with our precision equipment. from hard board to flexible board.


We help you to convert your great idea to reality, a very fine product based on our knowledge and experience.

Embedded system

Our professionals developers are experts in embedding chips for medical devices, security, sensors and more other products.


Meet our experts team with an experience above 25 years. consultation in many different section Electrical engineering, medical electronics...

Scale Your Idea

Do you have an idea? and do want to make it real?
In Bellan Design we develop your idea from a sketch to a real product or prototype. with our profissional experts team of developer. product or service from different sections Medical devices, Military devices, Software, Securety, Smart home and much more contact us to get a FREE quotation.

  • Medical Devices
  • Military devices
  • Securety Systems
  • Software Application
  • Hardware Design


Professional Hardware Experience Summary

  1. System architecture design
  2. Hardware Development, from concept to mass production.
  3. Leading Mass Production
  4. Analog design
  5. Digital design
  6. Power design
  7. High Speed board design
  9. Antenna design
  10. Passive TAG antenna design.
  11. PCB board design and layout
  12. Verification and validation
  13. EMC and CE qualification design.
  14. Product regulation FCC, UL, CE, Bluetooth, TUV, ATEX.
  15. And more…


  1. Managing Systems Softwares
  2. Online Office
  3. Servers Softwares App
  4. Desktop App
  5. Mobile App
  6. Websites
  7. Servers
  8. Domains
  9. Hosting
  10. Online payment
  11. MyPhp Server
  12. SQL Server
  13. And more…
Our Clients

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